Advanced Butterfly Options Trading Course Strategy System[Size:226 MB]

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Butterfly as a standalone can be a speculative trade and a butterfly is relative cheap to initiate which make it a nice speculative trade. But beyond being a speculative trade a butterfly can be a income generation strategies and the more important is butterfly can use to repair a losing Iron Condor.

  • Learn beyond just a simple butterfly
  • This is a Advanced Course on using Butterfly Spread in Options Trading
  • Learn the various type of Butterfly Spread
  • How to use Butterfly Spread to repair and extend the breakeven of your Iron Condor

A Unique Butterfly that you have ever imagine (This one will blow your mind off when you look at the risk graph)In this course I will go thru the different butterfly and how you can use it on different occasion and what is the best way to construct a butterfly spread.

Who is the target audience?

  • Options Trader that is ready to utilise butterfly spread in their portfolio


  • Basic Knowledge of Options Trading
  • Have taken my Options 101 Course

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