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Do you know what is the No.1 Job of an Entrepreneur?The No.1 job of an Entrepreneur is to Network, Expand his contacts, build relationships and generate more referrals for his/her business.If you ask any Business owner, he will agree with the above statement 200%.But only 3% of Business Owners, take Networking seriously because they know that contacts and the currencies of the 21st Century.As a Professional Networker & also the Head of Training for BNI India, the world’s largest Referral Networking Organization, I can honestly tell you, that many don’t even know what is meant by Networking.Many just shove their visiting cards to me and think that they will get referrals.People do business with people whom they know, like and trust.Networking is an Art, Skill & Choice and interestingly, its a learn-able skill.In this Course, I am going to share with how you can professional network and grow your contacts, relationships and get more business.I will share with you 12 Simple & Practical Strategies of Successful Power Networkers.

Who is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small & Medium Business Owners


  • You should be a business owner
  • Have a stable business
  • Should be willing to grow your business
  • Should believe in Networking & expand contacts to grow the business

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